Wetlands: collaboration between Susan Osberg, Sculptor - Peter Barton, musician David Arner in a chair factory in Hudson, NY.


I collected grasses from the marshes and rehearsed with them in silence. Peter Barton made a sculpture installation in a chair factory. Chairs from the factory were put around for the audience. He hung buckets and tires and objects he’d found on the Hudson River as an environment for us to work in. The floor was dirty. I wore a white dress so I looked like swamp woman with wet hair as I danced. David Arner played a reed Xylophone, bells, a toy piano and drummed on water.

Wetlands Installation in a chair factory Hudson, NY. Photographer: Isabel Barton.
David Arner drumming on water. Photographer: Isabel Barton.
Sculptor Peter Barton. Photographer: Isabel Barton.