Photos: Tom Moore for Dancing on Water.

Dancing On Water

When I left New York City and moved to Beacon, NY, I immersed myself in nature. Walking along the rivers and streams I had to consider water. After all, Beacon was Pete Seeger’s town and he’d helped clean up the Hudson. I wanted to address this issue of water from multi-perspectives in the community through dance, music and art performance. Dancing on Water was one of four elemental environmental pieces I’d made at Bard College: Dancing on Earth for DAB 2007, Dancing on Air 2006 (student concert), Dancing on Fire DAB 2007.

Dancing on Water Performers and Choreographers: Arthur Aviles, Adrienne Barr, Marika Blossfeldt, Christina Briggs, Jonathan Ciccarelli, Catlin Cobb, Dages Keates, Sarah Lannon, Alexis Steeves, students of Ballet Arts in Beacon, “Steppers” at the Beacon High School led by Phyllis Conyers, Suzi Tortora’s Dancing Dialogue and students of Bard College. Musicians: David Arner, Bruce Gremo, Ellen Band, Poet: Kazim Ali, Video Artist: Jaanika Peerna.

Marika Blossfeldt & Susan Osberg. Dancing on Water.