Photo by Tom Moore.

TREE - A Dance

Photo by Tom Moore

I made this dance after a year of research, talking to trees. It was a ritual process of embodied communication with nature. Tree – A Dance was dance with music and spoken word, performed indoors and outdoors in an old Dutch ruin called North Gate, where it was made into a short video with Tom Moore. In a black box theater at the Dorsky Museum, the floor was strewn with leaves and Steve Blamires read under a lamp from his book Celtic Tree Mysteries, the Renegade Knitters knit on stage with some members of the audience as the dancers moved through them with tree branches found in the forest. Each dancer unraveled their tree story in a dance-poem.

TREE - A Dance. Shannon Murphy, Marika Blossfeldt, Elizabeth Castagna, Susan Osberg & Renegade Knitters. Photo: Linda Law.
TREE - A Dance. Susan Osberg & Renegade Knitters Dear Mother Nature @ The Dorsky Museum. Photo: Linda Law.