Normandy at La Taille (a chateau hosted by Amy Swanson). Photography Susan Osberg.

Dance Across Borders

Our whisper on the wind, set up a network and DAB became a floating Festival hosted by artists, who cooperated with institutions to help fund their ideas. DAB is truly a grass roots organization with a guiding Manifesto signed at the first DAB (1995) in NYC at Dia Art Foundation on Mercer Street.


Amy Swanson and Fabrice Dugied at Le Regard du Cyne, Paris DAB 2006. Photography: Cyril Maginel.
Oloff Persson and Gun Lund DAB 2006 Normandy at La Taille. Photography: Cyril Maginel

DAB became a new model for touring and developing relationships between international independent choreographers through intensive offerings including some combination of teaching, discussion and performance.

  • New York City, USA DAB (1995) Dia Art Foundation, hosted by Pat Cremins, Susan Osberg and dance director of Dia – Joan Duddy.
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands DAB (1996) at (SNDO) School of New Dance Development, Bodies of Influence, hosted by Suzanne Epstein, Kay Izlar and Dennis Gilanders in a tenth year anniversary of the school.
  • Gøteborg, Sweden (1997) hosted by Gun Lund and Lars Persson. E=MC2
  • Paris, France (1997) hosted by Amy Swanson, Fabrice Dugied and Mireille Feyzeau.
  • Polli Talu, Estonia (2000) hosted by Markia Blossfeldt.
  • Gøteborg (2001), hosted by Lars Persson and Gun Lund.
  • France – Bordeaux, Normandy, Paris (2006), hosted by Amy Swanson, Fabrice Dugied and Mireille Feyzeau.


Dancers in motion in studio DAB 2007 Fisher Art Center, Bard College
  • USA. DAB at the Fisher Art Center at Bard College (2007), hosted by Susan Osberg.

  • Gøteborg, DAB (2017), hosted by Lars Persson and Gun Lund for an Island retreat.

  • Zoom DAB (2021) hosted by Gerda König (Germany) and Gregor Kamnikar (Nomad Dance Institute).

  • Estonia DAB (2022), hosted by Marika Blossfeldt at Polli Talu with Renee Nømmik and Tiina Olesk directors of Fine5.


Mireille Feyzeau DAB 2006 La Taille
Galina Borissova and Lars Persson DAB 2006 La Taille
Susan Osberg DAB 2006 Roman Baths in Allauna, France photography Cyril Maginel
Fabrice Dugied DAB 2007 Fisher Art Center Bard College
Dance Across Borders 2007. Noemie LaFrance Rapture 1, David Arner, pianist.
Noemie LaFrance, Rapture II on Frank Gehry roof of Fisher Art Center Bard College 2007.
Dance Across Borders 2007. Sara Gebran, Denmark
Dance Across Borders 2007. Dancers from Jane Comfort & Dance Company strike a pose in the garden
DAB 2021 was initiated by Gerda König and Gregor Kamnikar as a week zoom conference during Covid with Zoom performances and workshops. Galina Borissova, Iwonao Taniec, Valentina Čabro, Gun Lund and Lars Persson, and Susan Osberg were participants.
Tiina Olesk, director of Fine5 Dance Company, DAB 2022 at Polli Talu Art Center, Estonia.
Gun Lund, (Sweden) DAB 2022 Polli Talu Art Center. Photograph Urve Hermann
Fine5 Dance Company DAB2022 Polli Talu, Estonia Photograph Urve Hermann
DAB 2022 at Polli Talu Art Center, Estonia. Photograph Urve Hermann