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Mining the Moon

In 2015, I learned U.S. Congress sold the moon. Mineral and water rights were sold to Moon Express Program. This meant we no longer had a national space program. From then on it would be privatized. This was before the 2016 elections and the dismantling of Roe vs Wade. I was also struck by the environmental impact of this decision.

A photographer friend, Ronnie Farley told me ‘they sold the moon’ on the sidewalk in Beacon.  She said her Native American friends say: ‘all women will feel it.’ This stayed with me and I began choreographing Mining the Moon. Tom Moore shot the film over a weekend in 2017 at Ballet Arts Studio in Beacon, NY

I begin choreographing with music that moves me and then I searched for a composer for the film’s soundtrack. I met J Brooks Marcus and Jonny Taylor of OBSIDIAN SOUNDSYSTEM, who composed the soundtrack once the dance was finished.  Then I edited the dances, and had it mastered by Mike Arginsky. So, it is a layered process and it takes time.

Choreography and editing are similar, so I approach the film as a separate entity and choreograph not for the stage but for the screen. I lose the original dance this way. It becomes a short film. Mining the Moon opened in the time of Covid and I submitted to International film festivals through Film Freeway. It was my great pleasure to find that Mining the Moon won Awards and Finalist positions.

L to R: Alexis Steeves, Marika Blossfeldt, Alex Bloomstein, Catlin Cobb, Anna Brady Nuse-Marcus, Rain Saukus, Center: Susan Osberg.

Susan Osberg, choreographer, director, editor.

Cinematography by Tom Moore.
Dancers: Susan Osberg, Marika Blossfeldt, Alex Bloomstein, Catlin Cobb, Anna Brady Nuse-Marcus, Rain Saukus, Alexis Steeves.
Make up and moon lights: Cassandra Saulter.
Editor: Susan Osberg. Final edit: Mike Arginsky.
Music: OBSIDIAN SOUNDSYSTEM Composed, performed and recorded by: J. Brooks Marcus and Jonny Taylor, featuring: Liz Kelly – Vocals.