Marika Blossfeldt in Rhinoceros by Susan Osberg. Photos by Tom Moore.


After directing DAB 2007 and Dancing on Water, (both large projects), I turned to small performances for a selected audience. This trend was going on in New York City and in Europe along with a discussion of what is an audience? I made Rhinoceros which was a poem for one dancer in a white room. An entrance and an exit in one square room, became a metaphor for life and death. It was about the BIG THING in a small space – the Rhinoceros in the room, extinction, our planet’s extinction.

Susan Magnus contributed sheets of mylar for us to play with, they made luminous forms and a wonderful sound of crumbling. Dean Sharp accompanied the piece with percussion and computer sound scores. We toured it to Sweden, also in a small space called 24 Square Meters, for small audiences, in a series with other choreographers, produced by Gun Lund and Lars Persson.


musician/composer Dean Sharp.