Dancers- Susan Osberg, Marika Blossfeldt, Elizabeth Castagna/ Visual artist -Cassandra Saulter/ Composer- David Rothenberg

Petroleum Wing

Petroleum Wing was a site-specific piece I choreographed at a re-purposed high school called Beacon Studios, in Beacon, NY. The audience moved from the greenhouse on the roof, to several classroom installations, ending in the boiler room in the basement. The dancers evoked animals caught in the oil slick. Marika began as a bird in the greenhouse, I was a whale in a BP art installation made by Cassandra Saulter. Jaanika stood in another classroom dressed in a white tarmac suit against a wall wearing sunglasses as video images of the oil spill crisis were projected upon her. Elizabeth stood on a metal office desk in an abandoned basement alcove as a bird. The audience followed composer/musician David Rothenberg from the sites of disaster, playing both his electronic music and saxophone.