What is energy healing?

It is a light touch healing that directs energy through chakra and meridian systems of the body. It is our Western quantum healing approach to the subtle body systems of the East (chi and prana). In energy work, transformational changes occur on physical, mental, and emotional levels so that we can experience well being. It is in essence, a spiritual alignment with your individuated awareness that brings a deep sense of balance, a relief from physical pain and psychological stress. The sessions are usually an hour and a half. There is a counseling component to each session so that the mind can integrate insights and experiences. Susan Osberg brings her intuitive healing abilities to each session and has developed a physical body manipulation, based on centering and release techniques that she has explored with pioneers of mind/body awareness. She has successfully worked with people with back pain, headaches, multiple sclerosis, cancer, sciatica, postural alignment issues, sprains and injuries, emotional trauma caused by divorce and grief, as well as people who  just want balance, need to lose the stress and have a genuine wish to embark upon  a journey of inner awareness.

Healing Sessions:
Creativity, spirituality, day to day mindfullness and healing is the way  Susan works with her clients. The sessions  are designed for each individual to come into a deeper and lighter awareness of self and their interconnections with all their relations.

Susan had a healing practice in New York City in the early 90’s. She is an intuitive energy healer. To create a foundation for her practice she studied Transformational Psychology at the Open Center and there she met Levent Balukbasi, a Turkish Sufi healer. She studied at his IM School of Healing Arts in NYC and graduated from a three year program as an ordained interfaith minister. Her healing practice involves counseling, mind-body spiritual work and hands on energy healing.